Assignment details for
2nd February 2021

is to write a short story based on
"A Picture or Object/Ornament from your home."

Who are we ?

Liskeard Writers Group

Liskeard Writers is a local free group where amateur writers can learn from each other while sharing their own short story creations.

The Group is led by volunteers and it depends on the contributions of members to make meetings both interesting and educational. A contribution of two pounds is asked each meeting to cover the cost of room hire etc.

eMail us at LiskeardWriters

To Join or Visit the Group

There is a minimum age limit of eighteen years.

Please be advised that places are limited due to space and time: As places become available they will be offered to web members on the waiting list in chronological order from when they applied. Please contact us and come along as a guest to one of our meetings, in the meantime I have created a blog and a story page for submission of short stories to be included on our web-site, we would welcome contributions from interested writers. All inclusions should be submitted to LiskeardWriters in plain text format (?.txt).

Experience and Qualifications

All of our writers range from having been novice to more proficient, they are always willing to proffer advice when requested and enjoy the challenges of attempting to write in differing genres. New members are welcome whether they are published authors, experienced journalists or complete novices. Please contact us to see if we can help each other.

A founder member of the group in 2013. I had researched and written local history archives and family history for many years before becoming involved in creative writing in 2012. My interest in history remains and my creative pieces are as likely to be set any time in the 19th or 20th century as in the present day.
The main benefit of belonging to the group is the chance to actually be able to discuss writing.

Jean Wills

Like so many children, De-Ville grew up with Enid Blyton, whose stories inspired De-Ville to become a writer herself. This was a particular challenge for De-Ville as she is registered disabled due to learning difficulties. However, she refused to allow this to hold her back and she was instrumental in starting a local writer's group. It was with that writing group that De-Ville found the technical support that she needed. She proceeded to publish some of her short stories and also presented her work to a live audience at Looe Literary Festival. She is surely an inspiration to anyone who wishes to find their inner storyteller and share their work with a wider audience. Jennifer was one of the founder members.

Jennifer De-Ville

I have been a member of the Liskeard Writing Group since 2013.
I am very much an enthusiastic amateur and enjoy writing a variety of short stories and longer pieces in many different genres. I try to go on Creative Writing Courses each year because as a very late starter I am keen to learn as much as I can. The knowledge I gain I put into practice in the group.
Within the group we give and receive mutual support and encouragement as well as advice on how to improve our writing. The variety of our homework assignments keeps us all on our toes. I always feel that I am amongst friends and the group has given me the confidence to share my stories with them and others.

Mary Hickman

A long serving member of the, in late 2017 Beverley became the Treasurer to the group.

Beverley Etherington
Nr. Callington.

Peters stories are usually full of drama often mixed with , his series of Inspector Jolly mysteries are encapsulating and certainly a big page turner. ~

Peter Hopkins
.. Boscastle.

Having returned in 2014 from a long spell living in France, I am now able to engage more fully in writing groups and all the extra stimulation and encouragement which that can bring. I joined the Liskeard Writers’ Group which has been very supportive.
I write short stories, novellas and novels, plus a little poetry. I have recently published the first in a trilogy of novels set in the Victorian period - ‘Broken Blood Ties’ by Mary D Curd, available on Amazon.
Other achievements are being short-listed for the Wells Literary Festival Short Story Competition in October 2016 and for the 2017 Lifeboats magazine. I have also had two short stories published in the quarterly Scribble Magazine, the most recent of which was published in the Summer 2017 issue.

Mary Curd
Nr. Liskeard

Born in Northeast UK in 1961, Richards became an academic and was widely published in the fields of Computing, Education, Psychology and Medicine. He now enjoys writing for a broader readership and has published factual books, short story fiction and books for children. He remains committed to encouraging people to pursue their dreams, particularly adventures for ordinary people and leaving written interpretations of their personal experiences. He also facilitates the publishing efforts of the group. Stephen's website is

Dr. Stephen Mark Richards
Nr Liskeard.

Michael is the IT co-ordinator of the group, joining in October 2015. Having spent all my life working with computers, teaching, support and programming. I have published text books early on in my carrier but am now concentrating on fiction and works in a wide range of genres, including, mystery, mystical and fantasy, crime and horror, science fiction and mostly I try to inject comedy situations or a twist in the tale. I enjoy the group and find the challenges of weekly assignments and the ten minute exercises very stimulating.
Near the end of 2017, Michael took over as Chair/Secretary of the Group.

Dr. Michael Doig
.. Nr.L

An experienced member of the group, very artistic and wonderfully descriptive.

.. Liskeard.

C has studied through the U3A Writing Group


Graeme writes about all manner of things, Most genres, Comedy, Plays, Noel Coward, Sci-Fi.
Another self published / indie author of good standing and quality writing. Writing poetry, lyrics, dialogue, stories, short plays and more. He is a member of various writing groups (Hanger Farm Poets) The Write Stuff, Edit Red, Wordpress, and more. His website is at

Graeme Sandford

Joanna has recently joined as a member of the Group, a published author with many years experience.

Joanna Stephen-ward
Nr. Liskeard


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    genre: Mystery
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    uploaded: 3nd Nov 2016

  • Your Story Title

    Author: and Your name
    genre: could be here


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